Safer Neighborhoods

We all expect that our public safety personnel are well trained and have the needed equipment to help us in our most vulnerable time of need.

  • Competitive Pay & Benefits

    Our public safety staff are there for the whole community. As a community we need to make sure they are fairly compensated, especially in comparison to surrounding areas. The city has not kept wages and benefits competitive. At a public meeting the Police Chief stated that upon completion of training recruits can expect an immediate $10,000 raise from any surrounding jurisdiction. Therefore turnover rate has hit about 15%. This means that 80% of our remaining police officers have less than 3 years of experience. This is a safety concern for the whole public as that means less experienced officers are having to respond to safety situations without having someone more experienced there to guide the situation to the best outcome through that experience.

  • Response Times That Meet Accreditation Standards

    The city council has been aware since 2009 of the great need for another fire station on the south side of city due to less than standard response times. Fires accelerate faster today, due to materials used in building, and therefore the response time to an emergency is even more important. The decision has been to delay this need due to cost, putting the residents at risk if they should find themselves in need. We don’t plan on emergencies but do expect that we will have the needed services provided in a timely manner when we do, as it is a matter of life and death. Our emergency responders take great pride in their work and want to be able to be there for the residents, but can only work within the limitations provided to them by the government.

Great Schools

Schools are the heart of every community. The bright future of our city depends on public education to provide a capable work force and develop good citizenship. It affects everyone.

Changes in demographics and the economic challenges of the recession have been obstacles for the schools. Under new leadership and the guidance of a community-driven strategic plan, the schools have improved- consistently trending upward for the last 4 years. There is still much that is to be done, My priorities include:

  • Further expansion of Pre-K Education

    Rigor is an expectation at all levels. Access to quality Pre-K narrows the gap in education equality for all students. When children do not have any exposure to language instruction prior to Kindergarten, and English is not their first language, they start school at approximately a 3-year deficit compared to their peers.

    Our future workforce must be well prepared and competitive in order to grow the economy. We cannot afford not to educate everyone.

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)

    More investment is needed in CTE to prepare students for employment after high school with high-demand jobs that can provide a living wage. Employers, as well as both the local and state Chambers of Commerce, have stated that, in order to build the economy, we must invest in pubic education to prepare the future work force. Businesses want to locate in areas where they know employees will be well prepared to work in their businesses.

    Well-prepared high school graduates will fill the needed jobs with a skilled work force. Let’s strengthen our community and our economy.

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Better Transportation

As residents we expect our roads to be well maintained year round so we are able to safely travel around our city and to commute to our places of employment. This is an issue that involves our local elected to work hard and spend time talking with and planning solutions with other local leaders and advocating hard at the state level for the needed funding for those solutions. I have done this with school programs and will do so with transportation also. Asking VDOT to attend a meeting is not problem solving. We must dig in and look at short and long range planning in a multi jurisdictional way. Problem solving has to be collaborative with time taken to assist with problem solving ideas to be presented.

  • VRE Growth and Expansion

    The VRE is a great asset to our city and the citizens. Many people use it to commute to work and for tourism. I will advocate for extending the Manassas line to Gainesville and adding mid-day trains.

  • Expand Route 28 North

    As someone who drives this route several days a week I do not think an expensive taxpayer-funded study is necessary to tell the state that this road far exceeds its capacity. Even on the weekend you can drive the road in either direction and find yourself in stop and go traffic due to capacity. I will work hard by reaching out to other local leaders to work through solutions that can help everyone improve their commute. It is obvious that continued building along that route will only add to the congestion. Time for improvement is already overdue. It appears from a state perspective that if improvement is going to happen before another 20 years go by it will be left to local leaders to do the work in offering ideas for solutions and advocating for those solutions as a whole.

Economic Development

If we want a lower tax on our residents and businesses we have to have more businesses in our city that attract people to come to the city and spend money. I will advocate for any needed staffing so business opportunities in the city are put out there by our economic development department, as well as proper expedited permitting so business is supported so they can get started. As a city, we need to make sure adequate city services are offered to the business to help the business of any size be able to be sustainable, so there is less turnover in businesses. This plan can fill all the high commercial vacancies that we have here in the city.

Great schools will provide the needed workforce. People will feel safe in their neighborhoods because of great public safety services. This leads to a business-friendly environment that encourages businesses to locate here and provide services within the City of Manassas. With great vision and planning it will be a better Manassas for everyone!

“I know what it is to work hard to just make ends meet.”