I have lived in Manassas or the greater Manassas area for most of my life. I graduated from Stonewall Jackson High School in 1983, which is where I studied to become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Neither of my parents graduated from high school. They raised five children, while working multiple jobs to develop the needed skills and educating themselves so they could still have good jobs that allowed for opportunities for my siblings and myself. I know the value of education and what it can provide. And, I know what it is to work hard to just make ends meet.
Following high school, I worked and attended Northern Virginia Community College where I excelled and became an honor student. My exemplary grades allowed me to transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University and subsequently be accepted into the nursing program at MCV in Richmond. The scholarships I received supplemented my education and provided me the opportunity for internships and career growth. I am proud to say I was the first in my family to graduate from college.

In 1990 I married Bill Sebesky, who also lived in Manassas. Bill has worked for the Federal Government for over 32 years and is currently a project manager for the IRS.

My two adult children attended Manassas City Schools where they received excellent educations, experienced great opportunities and grew into well-rounded adults. Both of them graduated from Osbourn High School, with advanced degrees and college credits. Our daughter, Emily, is 23 years old. She graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2015. Our son, Joseph, is 19 and will be starting his second year at the University of Mary Washington in the fall. Sadly, our second daughter Lauren, who was born in 1995, died from a congenital heart problem at just two weeks of age.

With faith and the strength of our family, we discovered the courage to not only forge ahead but to thrive in the adversity of Lauren’s passing. Bill and I have always strived to serve and shape our community in a manner such that we may all live honorably, and with dignity, and set an example for our children to follow.

In March of 1992 we bought our first home together. We chose to buy our home in Manassas City and raise our family here – and we have been pleased with that choice. We still live in the same house on Yoder Street because we love our neighbors, the sense of true community, and our roots are deep here.
My involvement in the community started right after we moved here, as my husband and I worked as election officers at the Baldwin Precinct.

Then when my daughter started her first year at Baldwin Elementary I started serving on the PTA. Throughout both of my children’s educations and various schools I served as a volunteer in several roles, including PTA President.

In 2010, I was elected to my first term on the School Board. Being closely involved with the schools, I was beginning to see a declining trend in rigor and expectations for the students. At that time, all but two schools were under some level of federal or state oversight for performance standards. After my election, I became part of a team that brought in new leadership, put together a strategic plan, and, in less than four years, turned struggle into success.

“Every day brings new experiences, challenges and lessons to live and learn by.”

“I chose to live in Manassas because I love the sense of community found here.”

Four years ago Osbourn was in danger of possible take over by the state. Now it is in the top 16% of highest performing high schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is recognized for its academic excellence. In addition, Osbourn High School was recently honored as a Silver Award recipient from US News and World Report.

As a School Board Member, I have represented Manassas City Public Schools on the Washington Area Board of Education; a group with representatives from all local school divisions in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia by articulating education related issues to local, state, and federal leaders. As the representative for Manassas City, I am well versed in both regional concerns and the progressive ideas leading to positive change.

Clearly not adverse to challenges, I took on the job of being the City’s representative to the Regional Special Education Board, overseeing those special education services that are shared across four different school divisions. I was elected the Chair of that Board, and I led the group through an intensive review of bylaws and board expectations, which had not been updated in 20 years. Coincidently, the program was audited by the state this year and, because of the work we did last year with all involved school divisions, the audit came back with great reviews.

I am also very proud to have defined and helped institute our Student Liaison position to the School Board. After learning that some school divisions had students serve as liaisons to the school board, I became dedicated to the idea – the more voices and perspectives in decision making, the better. It takes time, but staff and all members of our Board will tell you it has been a very beneficial initiative for the elected members as well as the students.

I chose to live in Manassas City because I love the sense of community found here. It is unique in Northern Virginia and throughout the state. My family and I have volunteered in this community for many years, because we believe it is the responsibility and civic duty of each of us to give back to help strengthen those community bonds. My family’s motto is “you only get out of something what you are willing to put into it.” I believe it is time for me to step up further and bring my abilities, experience, and willingness to serve on the City Council. I believe that the hard work and effective listening that I am willing to do for all of Manassas is what I will put into being on the City Council and that it will greatly benefit all the citizens of Manassas. I want to represent everyone so their voice can be heard.
I am running for Manassas City Council with the support of many who feel new leadership is needed in our local government. These supporters feel I have the proven vision and skills to bring about positive changes for Manassas. Throughout my six years on the School Board, I have demonstrated the required leadership and foresight necessary to make needed improvements in our schools. I know I can do the same for our city. I am fiscally conservative and believe that with well-defined, well-thought-out planning by those elected to serve the whole community, citizens can have the city and services they deserve while shifting an integral part of the tax burden off the households with effective planning and good economic development.
I have spoken with many citizens and businesses in our diverse community and wholeheartedly feel that everyone has something they can contribute to the uniqueness of Manassas. The concept of diversity incorporates acceptance, respect and so much more. It is through the blending of our cultures and ethnicities that we create a multi-faceted, vibrant community. And, by leveraging the experiences of our diverse community, we make Manassas the city where people desire to live, work, open their businesses, and raise their families.

I’m ready to get started. Please help me in building a better Manassas!